Sold! This will the the 4th owner since I’ve lived here

sold 1No more Josh & Yulisa! Good riddance, assholes. I hear one of the “importants” in the new ownership is married to Ivanka Trump. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

I’ll call them and see what’s going to happen with the fridge fees.

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OMG the heat finally came on around 11:30am

First time since Bernard shut it off over a week ago, last Saturday morning, April 6. I was outside waiting for my fridge delivery, which I ordered from PC Richards myself because though Fortune East knew I’d been without a fridge since I faxed them 12/27/12 (printed transmission confirmation in my files at work), they did nothing. I’m still debating whether I should follow through on sticking them with the bill or not. It was just under $230.

While I was out there I “caught” Bernard, standing around, guilty expression and body language. The door to the basement was open too. That’s where the boiler room is.

Last month they shut off the heat entirely for six days, and then gave us minimal heat another four before they finally relented.

They sent B over on the 6th because temps hit 60 that day, but it was cold at night and some days only hit a high of 45 at the end of last week. Someone must’ve called 311 again. Right now it’s 53 out, but the heat will make yoga practice better, if I ever get on the mat. (We’re thinking 2:30pm.)

I’d already run the bath before the heat came on. I’ve discovered it warms the apartment additionally for quite some time after you’re out of it. I don’t drain the water for awhile. So now I’ll be extra toasty. Hooray!

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The heat is finally, fully back!

Not to be a stickler, but that only took TEN DAYS. I suppose “they” wouldn’t mind if I paid no rent for the six it was out completely and only half rent for the remaining days it was half way on.

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High stakes harrassment – with holding heat

So… the latest saga is reduced heat. Here in NYC, the temperatures went up to the 50s, starting on my birthday, Saturday March 9. Our heat immediately went OFF. We had zero heat for five days. Supposedly the boiler had a crack. That’s what Bernard – the new, off-site super – said.

Temperatures dropped back to the 30s on Thursday, March 14. All of a sudden we had heat, but not much. It goes off at night, all night, and doesn’t start until late in the morning. This past Sunday the heat didn’t kick in for the first time in the day until 10:45am.

One tenant, home this morning, had this to say in our Google group:

The heat seems to be blasting now, with nobody having been in the boiler room this morning (unless they tiptoed).  I hear everything that happens underneath me and no repairmen have been down there (nor have I heard Bernard yet this morning, who generally wakes me up rattling the recyclables around).  Is the timer being deliberately played with to keep us chilled during the night?  If the inspector happens to come today, all will be “miraculously” well.  I’m off to work, but keep me posted.  It was in the 20’s last night — my floor was so cold it felt like I was walking on an ice floor.

As someone else added:

On the third hand it’s the rent stabilized who have the under insulated apartments most effected by the heat being off.  So high stakes harassment?

We really DO have the under insulated apartments… The old windows ratting in rotted frames, the doors that don’t shut properly… That has nothing to do with it but… I remember one summer day when I was about to leave and go get ice cream and my door knob just fell off, effectively locking me out. I was able to call Eddie that day and he came by in a half hour. Would Bernard? If it happened again I’d probably call the police.

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So, the temps went up to the close to / hovering in the 50s last Saturday, and our boiler went out (on a date)

Numerous complaints to 311 have been logged, but we have been entirely without heat, at 120 East FuckYaMotha 4th, since Saturday March 9. That’s four fucking days we have to pay fucking rent for not a completely fucking liveable fucking cunting apartment!!!!

And the temps are dropping tomorrow.

I hope that Josh & Yulisa both end their lives as homeless vagrants, living on the streets, shunned by all.

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Nope… Fortune East wasn’t showing the building yesterday. They’d obviously been warned…

…of a pending visit by the “Division of Code Enforcement”.

They knew about the state of my walls since I had to call 311 to get them to fix a hole in the ceiling, as per this post. That was mid January, 2011. It seems like it was longer ago! They’d taken control as the building’s “managing agents” the November before. In the first year they managed to clear half the units. Some new tenants left of their own accord, since living in the building was like inhabiting a noisy, dusty construction site for the better part of a full year.

When Yulisa called the week of 11/19 and said, What time next week can you give us access to paint your apartment, I knew it wasn’t for MY benefit. She got downright surly when I expressed doubt that such a job could be done in one day. I mean…. portions of the walls look like this.

Crumbling Walls

I explained to her that 1) it’d have to be guaranteed done in a day; 2) since I’m a paid by the hour freelancer I’d need to arrange to work from home; 3) Since it’s a small, one-room apartment with no cross ventilation I’d need to make arrangements to sleep on a friend’s couch a night. Near home anyway. I’d have let the painters in and then gone to Starbucks to do my work. Since I got a stomach bug on Tuesday, the 27th, and had to leave work and miss nearly that whole day’s pay, and since I didn’t feel up to couch surfing that week, I called & left a message saying we’d have to postpone until the following week.

I knew from another tenant they were anxious to get up in peoples’ business before December 6… They’d have had Monday through Wednesday of that week to get in and paint, but they never called me back. Maybe they thought I had advance information and was just fucking with them, but that wasn’t the case.

I’d sort of forgotten about it, but last night I got home to find this notice slipped under my door.

I'll be home on the 13th!It is INDEED in my interests to be there for the second visit, and you can bet your ass I will be.

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They must be showing the building on December 6

Bitches are desperate to get a return on their investment!

I bumped into another long-term tenant on the subway this morning. She’d gotten a message demanding access too, but it wasn’t the almost always bitchy Yulisa. It was some young sounding woman. Supposedly they needed to check her fire escape, from the inside, which makes no sense at all. Also they wanted to check her “basement sink”. She’s not in it above the basement and her neighbor below told her he hadn’t had any leaks.

Her walls must not be crumbling to the extent mine are! They are obviously worried about looking bad. [But they’re so good at it!]

She checked with the fire dept and they said they’d never heard of such a request. If fire escapes need inspecting it should be from the roof down, and if this isn’t possible Fortune East needs to address that.

Hey I’ll let them paint but I’m not getting sick for their schedule, nor am I missing billing unless they’d like to waive a month’s rent. They’ve got to work with me so I can arrange work to bring home and a place to sleep that night.


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